About Us


Ted and Butch We specialize inlandscape installations and periodic maintenance of gardens and yards, which are predominately mediterranean, but also tropical, mixed, or formal.

Much of our work comes from pruning/lacing small and medium sized trees and shrubs. Perennials and groundcovers are looked after as well.


What is "lacing?" Introduced to us by the late San Diego horticulturist, Sin Jen and popularized by Tom Piergrossi, lacing is a type of pruning that involves thinning and opening from the inside of the tree or shrub. This allows for air circulation and light exposure, as well as highlighting branch structure and promoting potential growth. Creating separation between plant material and within the plants themselves creates healthier, showier habits.


The frequency of our visits depends on the size of the landscape, be it a quaint garden, or a expansive estate. Also considered is the type of plant material. Brugmansias and other fast growing shrubs need more attention, while a slower paced planting of Melaleucas and Arbtutus can wait for their pruning.

So one home's garden might require monthly care, while another would call for semi anual to yearly care.


We also offer "green" installations, including irrigation set up, plant set in, and suitable design creations. "Grey" or hardscape installations include dry laid flagstone paths and patios.


We choose a plant pallete for its color and structure, growth habits, sun exposure needs, and of course, the clients likes or dislikes. A climate or theme can be considered and naturalistic, low maintenance, gardens are certainly encouraged. We aim for Aesthetics, Health, and Control. And we're not just talking about the plants here!


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